Hi and welcome,

Please see details for the event below as sent out via email:

Here are some handy details for the event that you can read and print out below, which includes my personal advice from attending lots of events in the past and the venue details and start times etc:

Also - As someone emailed and asked about the coronavirus situation, I wanted to clarify that the event is on and we ask the you read the event policy pdf below:

There is some preparation that you can start to do now before arriving for the MB Masterclass. We recommend you do as much preparation as possible to get the most out of the weekend and must do step 3 if you want to do the live trading part of the weekend (Which most people do and we highly recommend).

1. Open a new bank account.
This allows you to track your betting incomings and outgoings clearly, instead of mixing in with your everyday purchases. It's nice to see your bank balance build up from your mb'ing profits.

It can be any high street bank account or alternatively, Starling bank is a preferred choice amongst many mb'ers, followed closely by monzo. Both accounts can be created in ten minutes by downloading their mobile apps, and following the easy instructions. Links below:

2. Open a new email address
This is to use on the weekend for all of your MB'ing. We recommend gmail.com. The reason that we recommend you to open a new email address, is to help you stay organised and have everything in one place. It's quite nice to have one email account for all of your mb'ing for future offers that you might get and emails from bookmakers.

The reason that we recommend gmail is because it's a very good free email provider.

3. Learn how to tether from your smartphone
If you want to do join in on the live trading part of the weekend and make money during the course (Most people do!), then you will be required to tether from your phone. Tethering from your smartphone is basically a way to create a mobile hotspot from your phone that your laptop or tablet can connect too. This is a valuable skill to learn, which allows you to have internet access from your phone from pretty much anywhere in the world that you have a mobile signal. Also - it's very important because we don't want to use the hotel wi-fi over the weekend. The reason for this is that if we were to all use the hotel wi-fi, then the bookmaker would see us all accessing our bookmaker accounts and placing bets from the same "IP address". If this were to happen, there's a chance of our bookmaker accounts getting found out that we are mb'ers, which is the last thing we want. So to avoid this, we use tethering from our phones.

To learn how to tether, please watch the video below:

And also see the pdf guide below:

Note - In case tethering does not work for you, we do have wifi boxes you can hire for free in the class. Please note that we cannot guarantee that our wifi boxes will work with your laptop and while our coaches will do everything possible to assist you, we highly recommend tethering if you want to do the live trading part of the weekend.

Look out for an an email on the Thursday before the event, two days before it starts with instructions to open a few accounts to finish the preparation required for the event.

The two day workshop will take place on 21-22 March (Saturday and Sunday) 2020 and will be held at:
Park Inn by Radisson London Heathrow, Bath Rd, Heathrow, Sipson, West Drayton UB7 0DU

The timings on the day are
Saturday: 9am until 5pm (Allow until 6pm in case we overrun)
Sunday: 9am until 5pm

Registration opens at 8.15am and doors open at 8.30am each day. So feel free to arrive anytime from them to get registered and grab yourself a good seat. We start promptly at 9am.

Also, if you are planning on bringing a guest along with you and haven't already let us know then please tell us their name and email address at the earliest convenience so we can add them to the registration list and include them in future email communications.

If you have a laptop computer please bring this with you as you will be able to get started and make your first profitable set of bets if you like, while at the course. This is not necessary but recommended. You can also alternatively use a tablet.

I look forward to seeing you at the event!

Yours in Profit,

* Author of Matched Betting Made Easy
* Founder of Online Betting School
* Over Ten Years’ Experience in Matched Betting and Affiliate Marketing