Matched Betting Made Easy

The Matched Betting craze hit the UK in full force this year, allowing the average person to make some extra money from the bookmaker free bet offers. You may have heard of it from places like the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Lad Bible or Huffington Post and now you want to know if it really is possible to beat the bookies at their own game?

Matched betting uses simple maths to guarantee you a profit when betting on events such as football, horse racing or in fact anything. Let’s take a football match for example:

When most people take a punt on a football match they will bet on a team (Call it team 1) beating the other team (Team 2). This is all well and good, but what happens if Team 2 wins? You would lose the bet and therefore lose your money. So instead of taking chances, we bet on every possible outcome of an event to make sure that we win, no matter what. We would do something like this:

Bet 1 of 3: £10 at Ladbrokes on Team 1 to win

Bet 2 of 3: £5 at Coral on the Draw

Bet 3 of 3: £10 at Betfair on Team 2 to win

This way, it would be impossible to lose the bet, because we know that 1 of these 3 outcomes is 100% going to happen.

The reason that we place them at 3 different bookmakers is so that you can unlock the free bet sign up offers that you get from certain bookmakers that give them out to new customers to encourage them to sign up new accounts.

For example, Ladbrokes would give you a £10 free bet from the above £10 bet that you placed, plus you can get cash back from a site like topcashback just for doing this. Coral will give you £20 worth of free bets and Betfair give you £30 worth of free bets.

Therefore, doing the above 3 bets would give you £60 worth of free bets plus the winnings from which ever one of the 3 bets won plus some cashback from topcashback. Not bad ay? But what are we going to do with those free bets, so that we can turn them into money?

Well you have to place a bet with them so you can then withdraw the winnings. And to make sure that we win one of them we do what we have previously done. We bet on another football match with the free bets so that one will win and this will be pure profit for us. It would look something like this:

Free Bet 1 of 3: £10 at Ladbrokes on Team 1 to win

Free Bet 2 of 3: £20 on the Draw

Free Bet 3 of 3: £30 on Team 2 to win

Once the bet wins, then you can withdraw the profits. Then you can repeat the process with other bookmaker offers. Online Betting School’s Free Bet List has over 40 sign up offers worth over £1,500 just waiting for you to take and turn into money.

But what happens when these sign up offers run out? Well as you can see from the Lad Bible article who makes over £1,000/month from this, the offers never run out. You can get reload offers, casino offers, bingo offers and many more.

If you want to get started into matched betting, you can see a weekly updated example that you can do for yourself by clicking here. Expect to bet about £25 and get between £60 and £100 back.