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Online Betting School's Betting Mastermind

Every month we look at over 100 results from betting tipsters, systems and services  and bring you the top 5 in one simple monthly email. We also run events in the UK as a place to meet with fellow betting enthusiasts and experts in the industry to share wins, losses and to genuinely help each other win more.

Finding You Better Bets to Place

Join this exclusive betting club that requires an application to be accepted. I've been in and out of the betting world for over 15 years now and have honestly struggled to make a regular consistent money from tips, systems and services. If you are anything like me, you have good days and bad days with betting. Good months and bad months, etc etc.

How about having more winning bets and less losing bets?

Don't get me wrong, matched betting is a great way to make an extra £xxx.xx per month but it does take a bit of work and consistency to achieve this. There's also the factor that your accounts can get closed down or limited at any given moment if they spot you as an arber or matched bettor. With this in mind, wouldn't it be nice to have another solution to make a regular £x,xxx.xx+ from betting each month?

I've found that masterminds have proven invaluable in my life. They have literally transformed my businesses and connected me with people who have changed my life. Masterminds have been arguably the most positive thing in my business and also my personal life, so it got me thinking... Why not do it for betting!?


Finding You the Best Tipsters Worth Following

A mastermind is a collection of people who are all interested in a similar concept and all have some level of experience in that area that can mutually benefit each other. It could be something as simple as a phone call from a friend that you trust with a good tip on a horse. It could be getting together around a table and sharing win, losses, ideas, tips and basically anything that helps each other.

It is an exclusive group of people who are all passionate about a similar topic. This is a VERY powerful concept that simply leverages our skills and experience to all mutually benefit from. Plus it's a lot of fun being in an exclusive betting club of people who love the same thing as you. If you're going to be in a betting club, why not be in the best one?

This will be us. We simply get together now and then to share ideas, swap betting war stories and have some fun while also trying to make even more money from the bookies. As we all live around the world, when we aren't meeting in person, we have regular monthly contact in the form of a monthly email that is managed by Online Betting School so that it keeps only real and relevant stuff for you to see.

We are all busy people, so I figure putting 1 month's work into 1 simple email each month is the best way to do this. For people that want more contact than this, they can come down to meet in person and exchange details with people that they want to stay in touch with. This is how friendships should be I feel... In person first, with someone you want to be in touch with and then carry it on as you see fit after the main mastermind meetups.


Finding You the Best Systems and Services to Get Involved With

Every month you will get 1 simple email at the beginning of the month from the Online Betting School team that will direct you to a private, special member protected webpage. On this webpage will be the recommend selections to follow/look out for each month. Online Betting School will provide regular monthly research and content and as the mastermind group grows, we encourage members to contribute content that will go in the monthly email.

For tipsters, we look at strike rate %'s, SP Profits, number of bets placed and other factors and most importantly just tell you which ones that we think are going to be profitable for you this month, so you can jump on as many winning trends and bets as possible.

We will also look at betting systems and services each month to see if we feel that there are any worth doing. We feel that there is as much value in telling you bets not to place, as there is in bets to place. This way you save time and money.

As the mastermind grows, the power of the group will grow. We will get more feedback and more contributions from everyone and it will just get better and better. It would be an honour to have you involved in the group if it sounds like something you'd like to be a part of.


How to Apply

We are currently only accepting face to face applications. This means that you have to come down to our next event to apply. The founder (Ben) of Online Betting School will be there along with other experts in the industry to select members for the mastermind.

If you make it down to our next event to apply, you are more than likely to get accepted at this stage. The main thing we want from applicants is commitment and a genuine interest in betting. If you make it down to London, Gatwick for a betting event, then this shows both of these... We feel that this is the best way to get our core members for the mastermind.


How Much Does it Cost?

If you buy a ticket and come along to the event then you get £50 deducted from your mastermind fee. To get the mastermind started, we are going to make it very accessible and keep the price down for initial members. This will also secure your annual membership rate at this current low rate.

If accepted, there will be 2 options available:

  1. £297/year for your first year and you are not required to contribute to the group (But definitely still encouraged to)
  2. £97/year and you are required to contribute to the group in some way. This could be reviewing a betting system, service or tipster for the group. Documenting your results and sharing it with the group. Or if you can think of another way that you can contribute then please discuss at the event (We are open to ideas - basically if we think it benefits the group, then we will probably say yes)

To apply, you must buy a ticket to our next event by clicking here. Then you must attend the event and have a genuine interest in betting.