* Watch the above 1 minute video to show you how much money you can make in Step 4, the £10,000+ Club

Do Step's 1,2 and 3 to make your first £500+. Then join this to take it to a whole other level 😉

Step 1b - Do Your First Bookmaker Offers:

Bet £25 and Make Over £40: Make your first set of bets.

Just copy our example here and place 3 bets to make £40+

Step 1c - Do Your First Risk Free Casino Offer:

Bet £20 and keep your winnings (or get £20 back if you lose)

Step 1d (Optional) - Read "Matched Betting made Easy" Book: As Seen on Amazon

Read time: About 1-2 hours. Read the book if you want to get motivated and understand how it all works a bit better

Step 1e (Optional) - Learn How to Place Your First Bet: Odds and Betting Explained

The video above helps you to understand how betting works and you will learn the difference between fractional odds and decimal odds with the help of the Odds Chart below. Feel free to download and print out a copy of the odds chart if you like 🙂

Step 1f (Optional) - Watch video from Matched Betting Blog:

Proceed to Step 2 - Join the £100 Club

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