Top 3 In-Play Asian Handicap Places to Bet: List of Asian Handicap best bookies

Asian Handicap is one of the most popular form of bets at the online bookies on the football games, giving the punter the opportunity to remove the draw from the matches and increase their chances of winning the bets. Further down you can learn more about how Asian Handicap works and which bookmakers are most recommended in our Best bookies for Asian Handicap list below.

Top Bookmakers/Exchanges for Asian Handicap bets

Coral – the famous UK bookmaker is among the top places online for your Asian Handicap bets. The firm recognized the increasing popularity of this type of sports bet at the very beginning and has been offering it since the time it opened its virtual doors. The odds on the Asian Handicap wagers here are among the best and we highly recommend this trusted UK bookie if you want to bet Asian Handicap.

Betfair – no surprise that Betfair will be among the best place to bet for Asian Handicap, considering this exchange offers the most betting markets on nearly every sport imaginable. As always, the odds here are very competitive and customers service has been considered the best for many years.

Unibet – another European bookmaker that takes very good care of its UK customers and offers very good odds on Asian Handicap, especially on the more obscure football games. Since this is a Scandinavian bookmaker, punters on those Northern leagues will have much better markets and odds, something worth considering if you fall into this category.

Asian Handicap Explained

While being a very popular bet, there are people who don’t know how Asian Handicap worksand here we will help by explaining the basics of this bet and give a few examples to help you better understand the wager.

The Asian Handicap is indeed a simple proposition – in a football game the bookie will handicap the stronger team certain amount of goals and give the other team the same amount of extra goals, aiming to bring the two teams as close as possible to an even strength or in other words, the chance of winning of each team is 50%-50%. As such, you will notice that the majority of the odds on Asian Handicap bets will hoover in the 1.90 – 2.00 coefficient. Once the game ends, the extra goals given by the bookmakers are either taken away from the stronger team or given to the weaker one and after this, the bet is settled accordingly. In addition to the handicap, the draw outcome is essentially eliminated as a betting option, giving the punter a much better chance, since all you have to do is pick one team to win. In case that the game still finishes a draw, after the handicap is accounted for, your bet is not a loser, but a “push” instead, and your stake is simply refunded.

Let’s look at an example to better understand how Asian Handicap works. Let’s say that Liverpool is playing Wigan and the bookies have posted Asian Handicap as follows:

Liverpool -2.5  vs.  Wigan +2.5  Odds 1.90

The “-” sign in front of Liverpool indicates that 2.5 goals will be subtracted from their final score, if you take the Reds, and the “+” sign for Wigan shows that 2.5 goals will be added to the final score of the Latics and then the bet will be settled. Let’s say the final score is Liverpool 3 – 0 Wigan. If you bet on the Asian Handicap offered on Liverpool, your bet will be a winner, since even after we subtract 2.5 goals from their tally, they still win the game 0.5 goals to nil. But if you bet on the Asian Handicap offered on Wigan, you would lose the bet, because even after we add the 2.5 goals handicap to the final score, Liverpool still wins the game 3 – 2.5 and the bet is a loss. As you can see, when the Asian handicap offered is in fractions (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc), which is the most common type, it’s impossible for the game to end up in a draw. As noted earlier, however, if the handicap was a whole number, there is a chance that the match would finish in a draw, in which case your stake is simply refunded.

Double Handicap

A variation of the Asian Handicap becoming more popular these days is the double handicap. It is essentially a split Asian Handicap wager. In the double handicap the bookmaker will post two handicap offers simultaneously and when you place a bet, your money is split evenly between the two. You can win both, either one or none. Using our example football game from earlier, a double handicap will look like:

Liverpool -2.5/-3.0

where if you bet £10 on it, you essentially bet £5 on -2.5 and £5 on -3.0, then your bet is settled accordingly.